Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Heartfelt Christmas

There's nothing like suddenly hearing a timeless Christmas song come on the radio and letting it transport you to another time and place. For me its a warm home filled with family surrounded by fresh snow outside.. And oh the delicious hot chocolate by a fire. It's my ideal Christmas setting in a simpler time.
Although I will probably not get to take a lot of Holiday vacation off of work, or get to warm by a fire while the snow falls. I will always allow myself to feel the warmth of my perfect Christmas in my heart, enjoying the best in the little things throughout the season.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my beloved.

dear Starbucks..

how do i love thee.. let me count the dollars.. ive spent on your coffees over the years.

you could say the extensive love affair began back in my college days. the hours of studying and homework in the afternoons before and between classes spent at the nearby starbucks. the morning ritual of obtaining the iced coffee i was almost immediately hooked on. and now i find myself asking.. where did it all go wrong?

sure, i still cannot seem to pull myself completely away from the drive thru window each day before work.. but there is definitely something different about my usual venti iced coffee with a shot and cream, that is causing me to desire it less and less..

ive found my beloved drink now leaves a definitively bitter after taste, reminiscent of day old coffee. ive tried to order extra cream to cover the bitter taste but it dosent quite do the trick. So, if you see me coming round less and less often, my dear, know that it is the bitterness with with you now taint your iced coffees and espresso shots.

are we perhaps streatching our coffees and shots thinner and hiking our prices to deal with a recession-esq economy. tisk tisk.. that is not a proper way to deal with an economy such as ours.. we LOWER the prices until demand rises back up, and then we can level off our prices. sounds like too many deep greedy pockets whom are attempting to keep profitable margins securely on the books - whilst sacrificing quality and taste and soon... their loyal customers such as myself.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

grow up.

on a more personal note..

if i have done such an injustice to anyone as to upset them in any way.. PLEASE bring it to my attention and lets talk it over like adults. and stop talking badly behind my back to my family instead of talking it out with me.

grow up and lets deal with it face to face.

i got to ask myself.. what kind of person harbors something against someone and talks about it to everyone else but the person that has offended them? how long will it be drug out? be man or women enough to bring it up in person in the right setting and lets work to forgiveness.

thank you and that is all.


my beloved smashbox bronzing primer will no longer be gracing the shelves of cosmetic retail stores.. sadly enough.

ive been forced to use the illuminating primer in it's stead. its nice enough but i will never understand why my bronzer had to go before its time. seems like they couldved kept it and let go of one of their many other less popular and redundant 'photo ready' crap ones.

thanks anyway.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

a not so great idea

TjMaxx-an-ista that i am, i found my self yet again at TjMaxx on my lunch break. ive found many a great thing for the kitchen and some hardy pieces for the wardrobe as well.

while in the checkout line there are always several temptations. including but not limited to: yummy chocolates. this time i noticed my favorite chocolate considerably marked down and decided to give in. after i got to work and began to indulge, i found out why it was so cheap. the chocolate was dried up and old. BLEH.

moral of the story: TjMaxx is a great place for last minute unique wrapping paper but not your favorite chocolates.